My Controller Doesn't Work

If you are experiencing a problem with your controller we will need your assistance to rectify the issue, there are many different controllers in the market and they each behave differently.

Please submit a support ticket detailing the problem so we can investigate and keep you in the loop throughout the process.

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    Peng'an Li

    My controller only failed to work after the 1.0.2 update; it works well on every function in version 1.0, so I think it is the update that leads to the problem instead of my controller. There are also many other reviews in the oculus store page saying that their controllers stop working in the new version. Please check the what problem exists in 1.0.2 and fix it as soon as possible, since controllers make it a much better VR game. Thanks!

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    W. Scott Howard

    I have now tried 3 different controllers. That all worked before the latest update. Now none of them work. The only interface that works now is the side input on the gear VR. This is very frustrating as I was really enjoying this game.

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    Peng'an Li

    It is frustrating that my controller still failed to work on 1.0.3… the version note says that a fallback configuration is included in 1.0.3, but I didn't find it in the option menu. Now I still have to roll back to 1.0 backup to continue using my controller lol… I will submit a request afterwards.

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