Race Clubs

Earning Points for your Club:

◎ Create a Ghost
During ghost creation time, you'll race (and re-race) a track until you're happy with your time. This time will be your defence against other clubs challenging your track during the club battle. 4 members ghosts are required for a club to join the club battle.

◎ Club Battles
Club battles begin at the end of the ghost creation period and only members who created a ghost can participate. During the battle, you can 'Challenge' the ghost times set by rival clubs. You can then check how your ghost time ('Defence') is holding up and you can take 'Revenge' on rivals that have beaten your ghost time.

◎ Members
Tap to see the current list of club members and view their information. Owners can also manage the club members from here.

◎ Ranking
Club ranking is determined by club points. You can earn club points by participating in club battles.

◎ Club settings
Players who wish to leave can withdraw from a club in the settings menu. Club owners can also disband a club at any time.

◎ Last Result
Lets you check the result and the club battle details from your last battle.

◎ Keys
Keys are a special currency used to open club chests. Keys can be obtained by participating in club events and are also given as a daily bonus.

◎ Club Chest
Use keys to open club chests and be rewarded with bonus items and gold.

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