Club Event

◎ Club Events appear randomly while you're playing through career stages.

◎ There is a time limit so if the event is not cleared within the time allotted it will fail.

◎ Clearing a club event will increase the difficulty of that same track in subsequent club events.

◎ Users are awarded keys for clearing club events. The more difficult the event, the more keys are awarded.

In order to win the club event, you must beat the existing record.

◎ If you fail a club event you can share it with your fellow club members. If any of your members clear the event you too will be rewarded.

◎ When someone in your Club creates a Club Event notifications are sent out to the club members. When a user get this notification, you can go to Club -> Club Event to find your events list. However if the created event has already been cleared by another user, the item will no longer be there and it will disappear from the list. 

If you're receiving these notifications and don't want to anymore you can turn off this club event notification by unchecking the "Push notification" box on the top right of the Club event list page.

◎ Win or lose, participation in club events will always provide a reward.

◎ If you clear a event the claim reward button will appear. Tap it to collect your reward.


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