The garage is where you keep all of the cars that you own.
Here you can tune, refill or break the limit of cars to exceed past the standard limit of tuning.

Cars that you no longer want to keep can be scrapped for XP parts.
Remember that scrapping a car will permanently destroy it in exchange for XP parts which can be used to upgrade other cars in your collection.

◎ Limit Break
Each car has a Limit Level they can be upgraded to, however this limit can be increased by using parts from the same car. Parts that have the ability to limit break one of your cars will have a white wing icon on them. If you own a part that can used, a blue dot will flash above that car in your garage.

◎ Unique Limit Break
Occasionally you'll come across Unique parts which can be used to limit break a non-unique car over and above it's maximum limit level. Cars that can use these parts have a yellow flashing dot above their icon.

Unique parts can be identified by their gold boarder.

Cars successfully limit broken using a Unique part gain a level bonus above that of a regular limit break.

◎ Tuning
You can use vehicle parts and XP parts to level up your cars. You can also scrap existing cars which will give you XP parts to use for leveling. Leveling up your cars increases their speed, cornering, nitro and acceleration.

◎ Refueling
Racing consumes gas. When you're running low, indicated by the bar below the car's icon, tap on Refill Gas.

◎ Primary Car
You can select your main car using the crown icon. Your main car's times will be displayed in rankings of various modes. When you join a club other members are able to rent your main car.

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