RUSH isn't running smoothly for me. What can I do?

RUSH attempts to auto-detect your computer's hardware and configure RUSH at recommended quality settings to ensure optimal balance between visual quality and performance. However if you are experiencing frame-rates dips, RUSH offers several configurable graphics setting to help you obtain the right balance for your system.
Below is a list of the most graphically intensive features that you will want to consider disabling or reducing if you're suffering from less than optimal frame rates.
Grass Density (Off / On / 25% / 50% / 75% / 100%)
Grass can be disabled (and should be on minimum spec systems). 1060/970/RX480 cards should be able to run with grass on at 25% or in some cases 50% depending on your exact configuration. In most cases reducing this setting will dramatically increase your performance.
Grass Shadows (On / Off)
These are incredibly intensive on the GPU (by far and away the biggest impact on performance) and should only be enabled for the very highest end graphics cards available (e.g. 1080ti +).
Shadows (Off / Low / Medium / High / Ultra)
This setting affects shadow draw distance. We recommend setting this to Medium or high. Ultra should only be considered for top-end cards.
Texture Resolution (Low / Medium / High)
This setting affects texture clarity and is dependant upon your video card's VRAM. 3gb or less cards should set this to Medium or under. 3+gb cards can set this to High. All cards should be able to handle High, however if you experience any stuttering you should reduce this setting.
MS Anti-Aliasing (Off / 2x / 4x / 8x)
Reducing AA may increase your performance..
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