I want to share my device with someone who has their own WRT account.

Mini motor WRT accounts are tied to your Google Play Games accounts (or Games Center for iOS), so please make sure you are signed into the correct one when loading the app. If that is not working for you then unfortunately you may need to delete the game from your device to re-log into a different account (and to do this you will also have to make a 'throwaway' account to play through the tutorial each time). Unfortunately It is not recommended that you share a device to play Mini Motor WRT. We're sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

Please also be mindful when deleting the app as there should be a pop up asking if you want to delete your account tied to your Google Play Games account as well in this process, please ensure you never accept to that pop up or else you will lose your account(s) and we will be unable to get them back for you.

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