What is the Evolution System?

The evolution system lets you evolve your existing vehicles to the next star rating. To evolve a car it must first be fully upgraded to the maximum level (including limit breaks).

How to Evolve :
Garage > Select a car you want to evolve > Select manage your car and click ‘Evolution’ button.

Max Upgrade Level by Car Star Rating (+5 level for unique car):
1 star : Level 20
2 star : Level 30
3 star : Level 40
4 star : Level 50
5 star : Level 60

To perform an evolution on your vehicle you need an “Evolution item”.
- The road-feature (on-road wet, off-road etc) of the car that you are evolving will stay the same for the Evolved car but the kind of car (make/type) can change.
- You can randomly obtain unique or licensed cars (Choroq or Kia) when you evolve.
- Use “Evolution boosters” to increase the probability of obtaining unique or licensed  cars (Choroq or Kia) there is also a booster that will let you keep the same kind of car (make/type) when you evolve.
- You can not evolve your main car but simply select another car as your main and then try again.

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    Christian Cassadine

    Hi there i saw a guy racing a 5 star American design van that starts out as 1 star. How can i level up the star level of a car but keep the exact design? By the way you have the BEST game, hands down available on Playstore!! Thanks!

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