What are Evolution boosters and where can I get them?

When you evolve a car Evolution boosters can be used to influence the outcome.

Types of Evolution Boosters:

- KIA Booster
- Choroq Booster
- Unique Booster
- Feature Booster

Feature Boosters : Guarantee the probability of obtaining the same car (make/type).

Feature Booster Example:
EVO X1 (4 star) Vehicle  + Feature booster => [Evolution to] EVO X2 (5 star) Vehicle.

Kia Boosters / Chroq Boosters / and Unique Boosters : Increase the probability of obtaining a Kia / Choroq or Unique car part when you evolve your car.   

Where can I get these items:

You can obtain evolution boosters from the challenge cup (via point rewards), league events (through season rewards) or through the Clan Chest.

The four types of Evolution Boosters can be randomly obtained from Clan box.
You will also receive either a Kia or Choroq booster when you have all of the lucky diamonds from the Kia or Chorq store.
Unique Boosters can be obtained from the league season rewards.


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