[ANDROID]I'm getting a new device, can I transfer my data/progress?

If you're interested in backing up your Gun Club 3 data we can recommend the following:

To Setup:
1. Follow the installation instructions here to enable Helium on the desktop and device. (will need to use PTP USB Connection on the device)

To Backup:
1. Open up Helium on the device and make sure the "BACKUP" Tab is active
2. On the grey sliding panel on the device select the type of backup: App data only(small) or leave unselected for it to include the apk(large)
3. Slide the grey panel down to reveal the applications
4. Choose Gun Club 3 ( and/or any other apps you want to backup )
5. Select Backup from the Grey Panel and choose Internal Storage

6. If you want to store the backup elsewhere:
a. Change the USB Mode on the device to MTP
b. Navigate to your device using your desktop file explorer and open up the "internal storage" folder
c. Copy the "carbon" folder to your desktop
d. when you want to restore, copy the carbon folder back to your device

To Restore:
1. Open up Helium on the device and open the "Restore" Tab.
2. Choose internal storage
3. Select Gun Club 3
4. Select Restore from the Grey Panel

Problems with copied files and restoring?
1. When trying to restore, Gun Club 3 does not show up after choosing internal storage:
a. Make sure Gun Club 3 is installed
b. Make a new backup of the existing Gun Club 3 (we will overwrite this backup data)
c. On the desktop, in your backed up "carbon" folder open the folder named "com.nextgenreality.gunclub3"
d. copy the files from there into the "carbon" folder on the device and confirm that you will overwrite the files. ( there should be approx 3 files )
e. restart Helium app
f. Choose internal storage from the "RESTORE AND SYNC" Tab
g. select Gun Club 3 and then Restore.

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