What do weapon ratings, stars (colors) & levels mean?

Weapons are broken down into three main categories of importance: Rating (A, B & C), Grade (Stars and Background Color) and Level (Lv.1 to Lv.80).

Weapon Rating (A, B or C)

The rating is the letter which accompanies the weapon; A, B, or C. It determines base damage, as well as level and star maximums.

A-Rating.png - Ultra-rare weapon with additional elemental damage like fire and electricity (i.e. AK47 Fire, D.Eagle New World)
B-Rating.png - Enhanced weapons, with higher stats (AK47-A, D.Eagle-F, etc.)
C-Rating.png - Standard weapons of that type (AK47, D.Eagle, etc.)

** You cannot change a weapon's rating.

Weapon Grade (stars and background color)

A weapon's grade is indicated by the number of stars it has 8 Stars (represented by 3 gold stars) being the highest and 1 silver star being the lowest . Higher star equals a higher max level, which means better weapon stats.

8 Star (3 Gold Stars - Highest)

6 Star (1 Gold Star)

5 Star

1 Star (Lowest)

The number of stars a weapon currently has also determines it's background color. Purple weapons have 1 or more gold stars, Blue weapons have 3-5 stars, Green weapons have 2 stars and Grey weapons have 1 star.

Purple (6 to 8 star)

Blue (3 to 5 star)

Green (2 star)

Grey (1 star)

You can raise a weapon's star grade by fusing it with another version of the same weapon or by using fusion cards:

  • A and B grade weapons can be fused up to the maximum of 8 Stars (i.e. 3 gold stars).
    • This allows them to achieve the maximum Weapon Level of 80.
  • C grade weapons can be fused up to a maximum of 7 Stars (2 gold stars).
    • This allows them to reach the Weapon Level of 70.

Weapon Level

A weapon's level determines how much damage it does. You can upgrade a weapon's level using weapon growth cards. 

A weapon's maximum level is capped by its Weapon Star Grade, for example:

Star Grade           Max Level
1 Star                Level 10

2 Star                Level 20

3 Star                Level 30

4 Star                Level 40

5 Star                Level 50

6 Star                Level 60

7 Star                Level 70

8 Star                Level 80 (A and B Grade weapons only)


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