What types of game modes are there in Fatal Raid?

There are four main game modes in Fatal Raid.

1. Story Mode

Play through the main story of the game and uncover the truth about NOVA City. Complete each mission to progress and unlock more of the story, as well as earn weapons, upgrades, and level up your characters.


2. PvP Mode

Face off against other opponents in real-time PvP battles. There are five different types of PvP battle:
• Practice Match: Perfect your skills with a 5 v 5 battle on the map of your choosing. You have five minutes to get as many kills as you can. The first team to get 30 kills, or the team with highest kill count after 5 minutes, wins.
• Team Death Match: Build a five-player team with Auto Matching, or invite your friends into your team, and face of against opposing players. The first team to get 50 kills, or the team with highest kill count after 5 minutes, wins.
• Bombing Mission: Available in 5 vs. 5 mode. One team plants the the bombs, the other team must defuse them. Either successfully detonate/defuse the bombs, or eliminate the opposing team to win.
• Sniper Match: Face off against your opponents using high-powered sniper rifles. It's precision combat at its finest.
• Handgun Match: Get up close and personal in this handguns-only deathmatch.

3. Challenge Mode

Extreme challenges for elite players
• Charge Mode: A single player mode in which you face off against hordes of enemies. Each map generates 10 to 15 waves of incresingly difficult monsters, with the Boss monster at the end. Can you survive the onslaught?
• Boss Monster Battle: Team up with four other friends and take on a powerful boss monster. Each battle consists of 1 - 3 waves of monsters, and each Boss monster has different characteristics and attack patterns.

4. Survival Mode:

A 5 v 5 special event mode, available only for certain times through-out the year. Battle the opposing team to earn points; at the end of every round the player with the fewest points on each team is eliminated. Survive to the end to win.

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